The more it stays the same, the less it changes.
- Spinal Tap

a·ta·vism   noun    biology
   the reappearance of characteristics of a remote ancestor that have been absent in
   intervening generations and usually due to genetic recombination.

Is your website out of date? Does it cost too much to maintain?

Websites don't need to be complex or expensive.

Your site can be simple, affordable and easily maintained.

Today's websites need to function and look professional on all types of devices,
especially smart phones and tablets

Atavistic Software.
Connecting the past to the future thru all of your mutations.

Atavistic Software specializes in simple, elegant, and functional solutions to the ever evolving world of technology for small businesses

Whether you're just starting out and in need of an affordable solution, have an existing website you're unhappy with, or need a full blown app for smart phones and tablets to maintain a connection with your customers, we can help.

Creative Design

Make your website awesome

We offer a selection of essential but modern, basic website styles. Every business needs a web presence in today's marketplace. Relying on Facebook may be fine today, but it leaves you open to another company's ideas of what the future of your site will be and how accessible it is, along with their own advertising. Your site is your face to the world. It doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, simply functional and elegant.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to fit on all devices

Today's websites need to be accessible on many devices as more and more people use tablets or smart phones to access the internet. We will upgrade your site to be modern, responsive to all devices, and give you the look and feel you need for todays' world.

Website Repair

Get control of your existing site

Has your website gotten away from you? Is it out of date, partially disfunctional, or looks terrible on a smart phone?

Xamarin Development

Native Mobile App Development

Need an app? We can build native apps that will run on both Apple iOS and Android devices.